Christie Makes His Romney Endorsement Official

"Mitt Romney's the man we need to lead America, and we need him now"

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"Mitt Romney's the man we need to lead America, and we need him now," New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said as he endorsed Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in a news conference in New Hampshire on Tuesday. The Republican governor traveled to New Hampshire to make the news official, saying, "America cannot survive another four years of Barack Obama," according to MSNBC. He also used his time at the podium to take a swipe at Romney opponent Rick Perry's association with pastor Robert Jeffress, who described Mormonism as a "cult." Romney, as you know, is a Mormon. Such an association was "beneath the office of president of the United States," Christie said, according to Politico.

Romney, who has been working hard to gain Christie's endorsement since the popular governor confirmed he wouldn't run, said Christie was a "hero" for his record of spending cuts in New Jersey. "He's a man who's been forthright, been clear in his desire to rein in the excessive spending, to hold down debt, and do his best to get New Jersey working again for the people of New Jersey," Romney said. He also slapped at Perry's relationship with Jeffress. "I would call upon Gov. Perry to repudiate the sentiment and the remarks," he said, according to Politico. Perry, for his part, refused that request, according to an Associated Press tweet.

Christie also talked about growing the "American pie" to an "infinite size" under a President Romney.

But on Twitter, the press conference was a Saturday Night Live skit come to life after the show spoofed just such a press conference last weekend. Studio 360 host Kurt Anderson made one of many comparisons: "Horizontal integration: 1st the SNL parody, now the real thing. RT @thefix "MSNBC taking Christie-Romney endorsement live. LOVE it!" And New Jersey Star-Ledger reporter Megan DeMarco tweeted, "so this is what it feels like to get scooped by SNL."  Here's the skit if you missed it:

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