Chart of the Day: Obama's Economy by the Numbers

Regardless of where one places the blame, it's indisputable that the economy hasn't done too well under President Obama. To illustrate that point, Web designer and developer John Ekdahl created the infographic below.

Ekdahl, who does some graphics work for the blog Ace of Spades HQ, wrote in an email:

I mostly consider myself a libertarian and I was inspired to create the infographic out of a general frustration with the current economic environment. While I don't solely blame President Obama for this, I do believe his policies have lengthened (and in many ways worsened) this downturn. Although the infographic is implicitly critical of President Obama, I wanted to avoid opinions and evaluate the hard numbers set against statements and promises he has made in the past.
Obama by the numbers.png

Image credit: JohnnyShop/Flickr