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We thought those pricey muffins were suspect from the very beginning because the math just didn't add up, but now everyone can stop freaking out about the Justice Department's exorbitant muffin budget. It turns out those shady, overpriced baked goods never existed, admitted the inspector general of the Department of Justice, reports Politico. "We determined that our initial conclusions concerning the itemized costs of refreshments at the EOIR conference were incorrect and that the Department did not pay $16 per muffin," the IG wrote in a revised report. Even the fanciest of muffins don't cost nearly as much as $16, as we noted when the revelation came to light back in September. Perhaps the hotel had jacked up the price or a service charge or tax had something to do with the price hike, we guessed? Nope, turns out to be a calculation error. Now everyone can rest easy, the government is not throwing away your tax dollars on blueberry treats. 

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