Abby Huntsman -- daughter of GOP Presidential candidates Jon Huntsman -- called us up to chat about Twitter and her father's campaign. She also passed us some exclusive pictures from her and her sister Elizabeth's cell phones.

You are emerging celebrities among political junkies. How is that?

We're having a really good time. In the beginning we thought it would be a great way for our friends and people our age to feel like a part of the campaign. We get asked all the time: Where are you going? Who are you meeting? What is life like on the trail? So it's an inside look into campaign life. It kind of turned into something people are interested in. What's the process for coming up with a tweet. Are you all together? What's behind that? It's only just the three of us. My younger sister Liddy, I call her the gossip girl behind the tweets. She speaks her mind and is really blunt and honest. She'll come up with tweets and we'll say "Not that" or "It's great!"

Anything too edgy that you had to leave on the cutting room floor?

No. That's probably been why it has been so popular. We all just kind of say what we think. People seem to like the honesty. But you have to be careful, we're representing my dad. We're doing this because we believe in him and his vision for the country.

What's it like being the child of a very public figure? When my father even sings in public I start to cringe a little. Yours is running for president.

Luckily my dad doesn't sing. (Laughs) We've grown up in it. Over time you become more and more comfortable with it. We've moved around so much as a family, we've become such a close unit. For the most part having a strong family gets you through anything. We're very close.

What are the days like on the campaign? What are you doing for it?

The three girls we hall have different backgrounds, which probably makes the tweets more fun. I've worked more with his media team. So I'm on the road quite a bit and a go-between at the shows with him and the messaging and all that. Mary Anne my older sister does a lot with the fundraising department. We try to help him where we can.

In stories about you girls and Twitter, Meaghan McCain comes up. What do you think of her?

She's a friend of ours. She is a great girl. I really respect the fact that she used her blog in the last campaign to reach our age group. People can say what they want, but she was the first to use technology to get people interested especially our generation. Twitter is a different approach but this is definitely a whole different idea. She's a great girl and a good friend. But we didn't look at her and say we wanted to do something similar.

You have mentioned your father's tendency to make jokes when you Tweet. It seems like you are tweaking him.

He has a very wry sense of humor, and people don't understand it right away. He's like so brilliant in a way it takes a minute to understand it.

He's really impressive.

I agree and that's why we are doing this. It's a scary time in our country, especially for our generation. And we believe so strongly in his vision. We feel he's the best person to get things back on track, with his world experience, and view of the world. And he has a record that shows he can create jobs, and an environment that creates jobs. We do what we can to help him out. People didn't know what he was about. It's been fun.

Thank you so much, Abby.

Oh no problem. That was fun. Take care!

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