Watch the President Get Grilled by 10 Year Olds

The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps asks the president about hard-hitting issues

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Veteran journalists take note: first came the recent college grads hitting the road for the presidential election, and now there's the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps. Two ten year olds recently sat down with President Obama to talk about the important issues facing Americans. Topanga Sena and Jacob Schroeder sat down with President Obama on July 15, right in the middle of the debt crisis, for sixteen whole minutes to discuss everything from the constitution, to the economy, to 9/11. Politico interviewed one of the young reporters, Topanga. When asked if she was nervous, she told them, "I was excited, actually, because most kid reporters and adult reporters like you would love this opportunity.”

The president on the economy:

On the constitution:

On challenges facing today's youth:

On the state of education:

On 9/11:

On his reading list:

And then, at the very end, the pup reporters got a visit from the Presidential Pup:

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