A Smiling Cheney Roots for Hillary Clinton 2012

The former Veep suggests the time may be ripe for a Clinton primary challenge

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Pictured above is former Veep Dick Cheney, smiling rather broadly in an ABC News interview released yesterday. Why does Cheney seem happier than we've seen him in a bit? It's not because he was talking about a promising GOP contender, he didn't seem to have any nice things to say about Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry. Nope, he just successfully fanned the flames of Obama's Summer of discontent by suggesting that the president may be ripe for a primary challenger--from none other than his old nemesis Hillary Clinton. "I think it'll be good for the country, good for the Democratic party and might even help the Republicans a bit," he told ABC's Jonathan Karl. And right after saying that, even he couldn't contain a  pokerface, knowingly grinning for the camera at giving the Obama administration another potential headache.

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