Romney's Fundraising Is Down for the Quarter, But Still Leads the Field

The candidate led the GOP field in the second quarter, but he's on track to report a shortfall

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Friday's an exciting day for campaign scorekeepers wonks: It's the end of the year's third fundraising quarter, which means all the 2012 candidates will have to disclose what they've raised. The Washington Post reported on Thursday morning that all the candidates were downplaying expectations, and on Thursday afternoon, the Boston Globe gave us an idea of what to expect from last quarter's leader, Mitt Romney. After raising some $18 million for the second quarter, the former Massachusetts governor is on track to report between $11 million and $13 million, the Globe reported. That still may put him ahead of the other candidates, most of whom the Post reported are expecting amounts of $10 million (for Rick Perry) or less. Michele Bachmann hasn't given any indication of what she's raised, but an Associated Press news brief on Wednesday characterized her as "trailing in the polls and fundraising." Ouch.

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