Rock Band Willing to Sell for $1 Million

A Canadian band named after a drug reference is hoping to cash in on U.S. politics

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A Canadian rock band that found moderate success with a Middle Eastern fusion sound it dubbed Morrocan roll may finally cash in big in a way it probably never expected when it formed in 1990: By selling its domain name, “If you look at the money being talked about this time around—campaigns raising $1 billion—it’s easy to expect to go for well over $1 million,” president Warren Adelman told Businessweek's Joshua Green, who recently moved over from The Atlantic. The band, which Green reports broke up six years ago (though there are tour pictures on its Facebook page from this year), now finds its name entirely compromised by constant searches for the Tea Party political movement. "So much damage has been done to our name by the political movement that we’re considering selling," bassist Stuart Chatwood told Green. But the name had nothing to do with tea or politics, Chatwood said. In fact, it's a drug reference. "Tea Party was a euphemism the Beat poets used for getting high and writing poetry and vibing with each other," he told Green. The band bought the domain name in 1993, but its site is idle now. The recent attention has affected the content though. A banner under the band's name reads, "No politics... Just Rock and Roll."

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