Rick Perry's Sci-Fi Action Hero Trailer Debuts

In a new campaign ad, he deems Obama "President Zero"

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You probably don't remember what Tim Pawlenty's campaign ads looked like: they were Transformers TV spots. So, it came as little surprise when Politico informed us that the producer responsible for those lower-budget Michael Bay trailers was also doing some work for Rick Perry. By every measure, Perry's spot is bolder and more confrontational than Pawlenty's. Where the former Minnesota governor was content to tout tightly focused, fireworks-exploding patriotism, Perry's new ad seems ripped straight from a sci-fi thriller, complete with labeling Obama "President Zero." And his message hits you on the head with a hammer: "NO JOBS CREATED!" yells the ad. One especially unsettling moment shows Shepard Fairey's iconic Obama poster literally disintegrating on a wall:

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