Rick Perry Out to Prove He Loves Israel More Than Obama

The Republican presidential candidate will lay out his unwavering support in New York

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In the latest GOP effort to convince voters they love Israel more than any Democrat does, Rick Perry is preparing to attack President Obama's Middle East policies in a speech in New York at 10 a.m. The Texas governor plans to attack Obama for demanding concessions from Israel in its dealing with the Palestinian Authority, such as demanding it halt the construction of settlements in the West Bank. The leading GOP presidential candidate will also attack Obama's "policy of appeasement" in the Middle East for emboldening the Palestinians' bid for statehood at the UN this week.  Excerpts of the speech were leaked to the Associated Press:

We are indignant that certain Middle Eastern leaders have discarded the principle of direct negotiations between the sovereign nation of Israel and the Palestinian leadership. And we are equally indignant that the Obama administration's Middle East policy of appeasement has encouraged such an ominous act of bad faith.

It's vitally important for America to preserve alliances with leaders who seek to preserve peace and stability in the region. But today, neither adversaries nor allies know where America stands. Our muddle of a foreign policy has created great uncertainty in the midst of the Arab Spring.

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