Obama's Fundraising Emails Are Getting Aggressive

Today's message from Joe Biden is a bit pushy

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Today is the deadline for third quarter fundraising for presidential candidates, and the Obama campaign is getting pushy. While the campaign has been sending steadily more aggressive e-mails asking for dollars for the last few weeks, as Gawker's Jim Newell pointed out, this final e-mail comes off a bit harsher. The Atlantic Wire's own Gabriel Snyder noted the forwardness earlier today on Twitter. "After the President's guilt trip, now the VP getting pushy. "From: Joe Biden Subj: What's stopping you, Gabriel?" And National Journal's Marc Ambinder seconded that sentiment: "Obama's fundraising emails getting a little passive aggressive. Or aggressive aggressive." As you can see from the photo Ambinder attached to his tweet, the tone continues throughout the body. "What's stopping you from doing it right now? It's time to get off the sidelines."

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