New Poll Finds Momentum for Herman Cain

Fox News's tally puts him in the top tier with Mitt Romney and Rick Perry

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Who would've thought that the biggest beneficiary of Rick Perry's bumbling debates and Michele Bachmann's disappearance was Herman Cain? Now, courtesy of a new Fox News poll, the candidate has now vaulted into the amorphous "top tier" by virtue of having nearly just as much support among GOP primary voters as Rick Perry. The former radio talk show host and pizza magnate now claims 17 percent of voters support compared to the Texas governor's 19 percent and the playing-it-safe frontrunner Mitt Romney's 23 percent. As the screenshot from the poll results document below shows, that's a leap in support over the last two months. In other news, looks like Jon Huntsman may get a debate invite after all--he's now edging out Michele Bachmann in the lowest tier of the Fox News poll:

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