Kucinich Doesn't Have to Flee Ohio After All

Announces Ohio redistricting has spared his seat

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With Ohio losing two seats in Congress after the latest census, Rep. Dennis Kucinich feared the state legislature would redraw district lines to leave him without a seat. So the two-time Democratic presidential candidate floated an unusual plan: pack up and move to Washington State, which is gaining a seat. Kucinich even visited the state, hoping voters there would be receptive to his anti-war and pro-UFO views. But today Kucinich announced such drastic measures will be not be necessary: "We Have a District!" he posted on his campaign site.

Dear Friends,

We have a district! The race is on! In a stunning development, the redistricting gave most of the Republican part of my old district to three incumbent Republican congressmen and left most of the Democratic part of my district intact.

As a result, about 57% of registered Democrats in the new district come from my old district. With your help I clearly have a good chance to be able to continue to serve the people of Ohio...

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