Huntsman Might Be Watching the Next CNN Debate from Home

The media darling needs to break the 2 percent mark to qualify for next month's debate

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Every time Jon Huntsman's profiled by publications like Esquire, Vogue, or The Daily Beast, he generally comes across like a nice guy candidate that the amorphous thing called the "mainstream media" seems to like. Well, on October 18 the media may deal a big blow to his struggling campaign: The New York Times Michael Shear reports that the comfortably cosmopolitan candidate might not have enough national support (2 percent in the polls) to meet the minimum requirement to take the stage at the CNN debate next month. "If he doesn’t reach 2 percent in a third poll by Oct. 16, Mr. Huntsman will not be on the stage," Shear notes.

If that were to happen (and it may not), he would join former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson (who gets excluded in most debates) and little known candidate Thaddeus McCotter (who recently dropped out) as one of those guys struggling to get any TV airtime. Actually, McCotter put it quite well to The Detroit News when he ended his bid. "If they keep you out of the debates, you are out of the conversation and you can't run," McCotter said. "It was sort of death by media." It would be ironic if that happened to Jon Huntsman.

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