Hillary Disappoints Cheney, Confirms 'Below Zero' Chance of Bid

Dick Cheney was rooting for her to challenge Obama a little over a day ago

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No one really thought that Hillary Clinton was going to be mounting a primary challenge against Barack Obama. Except, possibly, for Dick Cheney--who was rooting for the idea just over a day ago. But, hopefully for the last time, Hillary's had to confirm that she isn't going to go through with the hassle of a 2012 bid. When asked about Cheney's sentiment by CNN's Alison Kosik, she just heartily laughed about the idea before quiping that there was a "below zero" chance she'd run. And then, and this didn't just seem like politeness, she said: "One of the great things about being Secretary of State is I am out of politics." So that means, maybe, 2016?

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