Herman Cain Would Rather Not Discuss His Gay Staffer

The allegation came in a staffer's filing for unemployment benefits, of all places

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As Politico's Alexander Burns noted, today's Associated Press report that Herman Cain's campaign may have covered up the role of an openly gay staffer could've been a big deal. If Cain was a top-tier presidential candidate, that is. The news is that an ex-staffer, Kevin Hall, who is filing for unemployment benefits after leaving the campaign, testified at a hearing that the campaign tried to cover up the role of a gay PAC Treasurer Scott Toomey. As the AP noted, it doesn't look good for Cain that, in June, shortly after he said he'd be open to hiring a gay employee if he was president, his campaign "tried to conceal the role of a top adviser who had been ousted as leader of a gay pride group in Wisconsin amid a financial scandal." This is what Hall said in his testimony:

"A conservative candidate, Mr. Cain is on the record as stating that he believes homosexuality is a sin and a choice. And they know that, if his top adviser, his highly paid adviser, is openly gay that it would cast a negative light on Mr. Cain and would cost him in his efforts to become president," he testified. "Basically the campaign was trying to cover up the fact that Mr. Toomey was still involved. They asked ... me to help them cover up that fact."

Hall ended up winning his unemployment claim:

A Cain campaign lawyer did not dispute Hall's allegations during the hearing and Administrative Law Judge Bonny Hendricksmeyer awarded benefits, ruling he resigned only after the campaign tried to get him involved in the alleged cover-up and changed the conditions of his job.

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