Herman Cain Reveals His Anti-Partying Platform

A forthcoming autobiography denounces parties, celebrity guests, and inaugural balls

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Herman Cain would run a more serious White House, light on parties and guests, to keep the focus on dealing with the "deepening national crisis." He also wants his Secret Service code name to be Cornbread. These are some of the revelations expected in his forthcoming autobiographyThis Is Herman Cain, due out Oct. 4. Considered an outlier candidate because of his lack of political experience -- Cain's background is in business as the head of Godfather Pizza -- Cain won the Florida straw poll over the weekend, and seems to be pretty intent on planning for his presidency already. He wants to trim down the presidential social calendar and end high-profile guests in the Lincoln bedroom, reported Daily Caller's Alex Pappas.

“I will reduce the number of protocol-oriented events that presidents are seemingly required to attend,” he writes. “At a time of deepening national crisis, I simply cannot afford to allocate valuable time to things that do not advance solutions to this nation’s problems.”

Cain also promises in the book that, “unlike the practice of certain previous administrations, there will be no ‘paying’ guests staying in the Lincoln Bedroom.”

He said he wants to "sharply decrease the number of inaugural night balls," which seems reasonable as the Obamas looked absolutely exhausted by the time they were done with all of their ceremonial dancing.

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