Here's the Video That Proves Rick Perry Is the New Chuck Norris

He's not the next George W. Bush, he's the next Chuck Norris

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Rick Perry is the new Chuck Norris, The Atlantic's Chris Good explains. The Twitter feed RICK PERRY FACTS has stolen the sensibility of the "Chuck Norris Facts" meme of a few years ago -- "Chuck's tears cure cancer. Too bad he'd never cried" -- and it's true, Perry probably has a better claim on actual badassery as a politician than Norris does as a Hollywood actor. The governor's Texas swag is undeniable -- even when he was wearing comfy orthopedic shoes at the last Republican primary debate.

Want proof? Here's a video Perry made for the National Rifle Association's convention in April. It opens with a bunch of old guys in t-shirts shooting big guns at stationary targets while the camera shakes to boost the suspense. Then the video cuts to a guy in a black polo shooting stuff -- it's Rick Perry!
Howdy. This is Rick Perry and I'm speaking to you from LaRue Tactical, maker of the most reliable and accurate combat weapons in the world -- based right here, in Leander, Texas. ... 
I want to thank Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox and my fellow members of the National Rifle Association for your support throughout my career -- in particular, this last election. ...
You know, it's times like these, when the federal government keeps growing and spending -- it keeps rising -- the liberal legislators keep trying to limit our Second Amendment rights -- the NRA is the most important group out there... 
And as illustrated by RICK PERRY FACTS:
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