GOP Wins Anthony Weiner's Old Seat in NYC

Bob Turner defeated Democrat David Weprin in Tuesday's special election

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Last night, Anthony Weiner's scandal stung a bit more for liberals: New York's special election was won by retired businessman Bob Turner of the GOP. The relatively little known candidate defeated Democrat David Weprin by a 54 to 46 margin in what the Associated Press describes as a district with a 3-1 registration advantage among Democrats. Which is definitely a sign that voters were sending a "message" to Congress. Naturally, as The New York Times relays, the National Republican Committee thinks that message directly reflected President Obama's dimmer reelection hopes. Weprin, for his part, doesn't seem to be taking the loss well. Politico captured this "never give up" scene from the candidate as his night turned sour:

Even as the race was called, Weprin arrived at his Forest Hills election night party around midnight and refused to concede. "This is not over yet," he said. "It’s going to be a long night."

Weprin would not take questions, and sped away in a waiting car, with photographers and reporters in pursuit.

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