GOP-ers Are Getting Wary of Michele Bachmann

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Oh how Michele Bachmann's star continues to fall. Even other Republican candidates aren't so sure they want to associate with her. When Bachmann offered financial support to Republican state Senate candidate Cindy Golding she hesitated to accept, reports The Des Moines Register's Jason Clayworth.

Golding said she is unsure if she will take Bachmann up on her offer to campaign and raise money for her campaign.

"I'm having a strategy session this afternoon and Ms. Bachmann is very popular in this area and personally I like her but we have to figure out what is best for our district at this point," Golding said.

She continued: "I'm not sure at this point" if I will accept her offer to help the campaign. "You know, Michele is a great national candidate but I have to make sure nothing in the national politics interferes with Senate District 18."

The burn stings especially bad since Bachmann once wooed Iowans, winning the straw poll back in August.

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