Drudge Report Finds Class Warfare with Obama's 'Bling' Irresistible

Michelle Obama's caught wearing diamond jewlery worth $42,000

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Why do people like class warfare so much? Because class warfare is fun! It's fun to comfort yourself with the thought that people with more money than you are stupid, or undersexed, or coke addicts, or have wimpy little T-rex arms, or, especially, are uncool. Everyone enjoys this game, even the Drudge Report, despite the current conservative talking point that President Obama is waging class warfare with his deficit reduction plan. And last night the top story: "EAST WING BLING: MICHELLE O'S $42,000 DIAMOND CUFFS."

Drudge links to a Free Republic post linking to Houston Culture Map with a slightly different spin, "Michelle Obama dazzles in New York, wearing diamond bangles by H-Town's Katie Decker." At a fundraiser Tuesday, the first lady wore three bracelets made by a 23-year-old Houston native: one with 2.9 carats of diamonds worth $15,000, a second with 2.17 carats of diamonds worth $15,350, and a third with 1.73 carats of diamonds with $11,800. "The bracelets were on loan for the evening; a common practice in the fashion industry," Shelby Hodge reports.
The cuffs close up:
It's worth noting that last June, the Drudge Report was shocked by class warfare:
And in April 2010, so was the Republican party:
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