Disgrace Has Its Privileges on Capitol Hill

The Hill surveys the post-resignation prospects of resigned and retired lawmakers

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Even after lawmakers get shamed into resigning, they don't have to relinquish access to the Congressional members-only dining room. That's one of the few interesting tidbits we learned in a Tuesday report from The Hill newspaper, which surveyed the post-resignation perk prospects of scandal-ridden lawmakers and just merely retired ones. And they look pretty good (Political Wire deemed them a "lifetime membership"). Gym and exercise facility access, House parking lots, federal credit union privileges plus--of course--"courtside tickets" to view big speeches. Humorously, The Hill notes that  resigned politicians can still frequent the congressional locales where scandal-making activity occurred in the first place:

For example, ex- Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) can still use the House gym and exercise facilities, where at least one of the revealing and sexually suggestive pictures he took of himself, which circulated on the Internet and led to his resignation, appeared to have been taken. 

Former Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.), who resigned earlier this year just weeks before a damning Senate Ethics report alleged that he had violated the upper chamber’s rules and federal lobbying laws, can still use the federal credit union and the members-only dining room.

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