Dick Cheney Did Not Shed a Single Tear on 9/11

He cites special training to keep his tear ducts sealed

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As the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 looms, many of us are remembering the intense emotions we felt on that day. The American Enterprise Institute hosted a talk with former Vice President Dick Cheney -- who's been promoting his controversial memoirs -- moderator Stephen Hayes talked about how President Bush nearly cried in public, Condoleezza Rice burst into tears at home, and Hayes himself "broke down crying." Did Cheney have his own tearful moment? No.

"Not really," Cheney said. The audience laughed. "You understand people will find that peculiar," Hayes said. Cheney says he was focused at the task at hand, like "what the targets might be and how we might go after him." Cheney says he'd been trained in "continuity of government" -- you know, like in case the president is shot -- so he was prepared.

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