Congress Agrees to Keep Government Open Until Next Tuesday

The House averts another government shutdown for four days

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Bipartisanship in Congress!? No, not really. Today, the House of Representatives just passed a stopgap spending measure to avoid a government shutdown this week and provide $2.7 billion in disaster aid. You want to know how long that keeps the government running? A measly four days. The deal keeps the government open until Tuesday. After taking a long weekend off, Democrats and Republicans will go back at it again when they have to take up another stopgap bill. According to an email alert sent out by The Washington Post the "longer-term plan" will keep the government funded until November 18. A victory for democracy!

The AP reports the approved deal, which now heads to the White House for Obama's signature, "provides $2.7 billion in disaster aid, less than both Democrats and Republicans had hoped for," but lawmakers settled for it after "a battle over whether some of the aid should have been 'paid for' with spending cuts elsewhere." Though the government will keep functioning until Tuesday, it appears that Congress is not. The AP points out, "The measure passed the House with the unanimous permission of all members present in a chamber that was nearly empty because Congress is on vacation."

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