Cocaine, Affairs, and the Other Crazy Stuff in the New Palin Book

When it comes to salacious allegations, Joe McGinniss does not disappoint

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Joe McGinniss's book on Sarah Palin is finally here. After years of hype, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin does not disappoint, offering the kind of salacious allegations you'd expect from a guy who'd move next door to Palin to write a book about her. What's in it? Cocaine, a one-night stand with a basketball hero, a love triangle.

One-Night Stand with Basketball Player Glen Rice
Palin allegedly slept with future NBA star Rice when he was a University of Michigan student playing at the Great Alaska Shootout. The one-night stand supposedly happend in Palin's sister Molly's dorm room at the University of Alaska. Palin was a TV sports reporter at the time. And dating her future husband*. "I remember Sarah feeling pretty good that she'd been with a black basketball star," a source told the National Enquirer, according to The Daily Mail. (The supermarket tabloid often limits its online content.)
The National Enquirer reports that Rice confirmed the affair to McGinniss. And The Washington Post's Cindy Boren helpfully notes, "because keeping score is important, Michigan lost, 79-64, to Arizona in the semifinals. The Wolverines finished third, beating Alabama-Birmingham. Rice was named to the all-tournament team."
McGinniss says Palin snorted coke off a 55-gallon oil drum while she and Todd were on a snowmobiling trip with their friends. He says Palin's husband Todd was a frequent cocaine user.
Palin allegedly smoked weed with her professor at Mat-Su College when she was an undergrad.
Love Triangle
The Daily Mail says Palin had an affair with Todd's snowmobile dealership business partner, Brad Hanson, for six months, according to the book. Both Palin and Hanson have denied the claim.
Tabloid Love
The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan says McGinniss sent advance copies of the book to three people: Garry Trudeau, Rosanne Cash, and Sullivan himself. "Make of that what you will," Sullivan tweets. 
Trudeau is using the book as fodder for his cartoon, "Doonesbury." The first book-based strip says Gary Wheeler, who was head of Palin's personal security, complains that Palin didn't want her detail around because she didn't want people to know she spent a lot of time shopping. "You know what she was? A housewife who happened to be governor. I'd fly cross-country with her many times and she'd spend the whole trip looking at People magazine."

Note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly said Palin was married during the alleged affair with Rice. In fact, they were just dating at the time of the alleged incident, and married nine months later.

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