Chris Christie Almost Even with Obama In Theoretical Match-Up

Rasmussen polling still places him "in the same league" as the other contenders though

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Even though Chris Christie's candidacy is still theoretical, here's one small way we can test the theory of whether he's the next, latest GOP savior. How well does he do in a head-to-head contest against the president? Rasmussen polling, the chronicler of such hypotheticals, has the answer for us this morning. And the answer looks like: pretty much as well as every other candidate voters have tired of. In the polling outfit's match-up, Christie is basically tied with Obama, losing 44 to 43 percent. "These numbers place Christie in the same league as other top GOP hopefuls within single digits of Obama including former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Texas Governor Rick Perry and businessman Herman Cain," they write. Sure, by the looks of the Rasmussen tracking of the other candidate's results, he does a few percentage points better, but it doesn't look like a huge difference right now.

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