Having a Casual Conversation, Beer with the President

The president and a Medal of Honor recipient have a beer at the White House

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It probably isn't easy talking about the "worst day of your life," the one for which you'll be recognized with the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of 36 soldiers in Afghanistan. That's where Marine Dakota Meyer found himself on Wednesday afternoon, pictured sitting with Barack Obama sipping beers on a spartan-looking White House patio. Today, both men will be dressed more formally when the Marine will receive the medal in a ceremony. But, at least for a beer or so, the two were captured by White House photographer Pete Souza having what looks like a casual conversation. On The Early Show, Meyer said he asked the President how to be successful and was told: "'You know, first thing, get an education and he said just take it slow and don't try to make any rash decisions.'"

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