Bobby Jindal Endorses Rick Perry

Louisiana and Texas governors have praised each other in the past

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is endorsing his state's neighbor, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, CNN's Mark Preston reports. Jindal will be Perry's guest at the Republican debate in Tampa Monday night.

The two southern governors have publicly praised each other in the past. In his 2010 book, Fed Up, Perry called Jindal "one of the brightest, most capable governors in the country" and someone who'll "come up with a health care delivery system that we will like, and we will go over and appropriate it from him and put it in place in Texas." And Jindal defended Perry against claims that that Texan was dumb to Politico last month.
Jindal had said he wouldn't endorse a candidate till after his reelection campaign ends in November.
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