Bill Clinton Didn't Treasure His Moon Rock

The extra-terrestrial rock was found by an archivist in an old file

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What's a good way to treat a valuable gift you have no idea what to do with? Selling it isn't an option and you can't throw it away. The conundrum, at least in one case, was solved by filing it away in a presumably dusty old box labeled "Arkansas flag plaque" and forgetting about it for decades. On Wednesday, an archivist reported that he stumbled upon a moon rock found among Bill Clinton's old things, Arkansas News reported. "The library system director speculated that the rock was probably packed away by one of Clinton's staffers in late 1980s after Clinton lost his first re-election bid to Republican Frank White." To be fair, it doesn't look like anyone knew what to do with the long-ago moon rock gifts: "Other states such as New Jersey and Alaska have also misplaced their Goodwill rocks, which some experts estimate could be worth millions of dollars," Reuters noted.

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