Bachmann Is Blowing Off New Hampshire

The GOP candidate hasn't been back in months

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Michele Bachmann hasn't made it back to New Hampshire, a state that traditionally sees heavy campaigning, since she began her run two months ago. And she doesn't plan on making a stop anytime soon reports Politico. "Michele Bachmann’s campaign all but confirmed Wednesday what New Hampshire Republicans have suspected for weeks: the Minnesota congresswoman’s political calculus no longer includes the first-in-the nation-primary state." The locals, who are used to the attention, have noticed her obvious skip and feel slighted. "People are baffled by the fact she hasn’t been here since before the straw poll," former state GOP chairman Fergus Cullen told Politico. "Activists notice when she’s campaigning in Florida and making two trips to South Carolina but isn’t scheduled to make any visits to New Hampshire."

And the misstep is showing, Cullen argued in a column for the Manchester, New Hampshire-based Union Leader. "Bachmann is already paying a price for her lack of presence here. Not one of the more than 300 Republican state legislators has publicly endorsed Bachmann. For comparison, Ron Paul has 10 state reps and a senator on board. Mitt Romney’s supporters include three state senators."

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