What Satan Wants in Obama's Debt Plan

A rogue Twitter account personifies the devil and asks for more spending cuts

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Many members of Congress are not happy with President Obama's debt-ceiling plan, but no one's disgust has been as eloquently articulated as Missouri Democrat Emanuel Cleaver's, who described the deal as a "sugar-coated Satan sandwich," during a meeting with Democrats. The vivid soundbite made such a splash that an anonymous Twitter account named @SatanSandwich was born. In its less-than five hours of existence, it has earned a slew of high-profile re-tweets.

So what do we know about Satan Sandwich based on his/her short life? Here's a short biography:

@SatanSandwich mocks liberals  With tongue-in-cheek elation, @SatanSandwich has relished attacking the debt deal's most ardent liberal critics such as Washington Monthly blogger Steve Benen, who, the account says, "probably eats tofu burgers and listens to Lily Allen" and Paul Krugman, a "hippie," who might be more amenable to a "Beezlebub Croissant [sic]"

@SatanSandwich will negotiate with Tea Partiers  Though a number of fiscal hawk Republicans don't care for the debt deal, the Sandwich has been trying to make inroads. An hour ago, he tweeted at Redstate blogger Erick Erickson asking him "What can I do to earn your support? I told Cantor we shouldn've included mandatory knifing of baby seals. They didn't bite."

@SatanSandwich wants more cuts  How could the debt deal become even more satanic? The Sandwich has a few suggestions:


@SatanSandwich is a sadistic DC resident  Exposing his geographical whereabouts, the Sandwich noted a meeting that took place between him and the President of Afghanistan at DC's bustling nightlife neighborhood, Adam's Morgan. "I saw Hamid Karzai lighting up a blunt over in Adams Morgan. We laughed over the fact we can pay for him but not U.S. infrastructure." Taking addtional pleasure in the nation's pain, the Sandwich noted that unemployment is at 9.2 percent. "That's terrible. I'll see if I can get it to a clear 10 again :)"

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