Romney Insists 'Corporations Are People,' Too

The former Massachusetts governor receives a round of guffaws from Iowa voters

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Out on the campaign trail today in Iowa, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney fended off a feisty crowd as he voiced his somewhat controversial legal view that corporations are people just like you and me. "Corporations are people, my friend" he said to the sound of booming guffaws. "Of course they are," he continued. "Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people." Time White House correspondent Michael Scherer was early to notice the "flub" as he called it, smirking that it "will be in an ad one day." Brian Beutler at Talking Points Memo noticed the McCainism: "The real flub is that Romney has adopted McCain's tendency to append 'my friends' to all proclamations" while new media guru Jeff Jarvis points out the credibility Romney's view is gaining in the nation's high court. "Freudian flub or SCOTUS view," he tweets. Here's the video:

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