Romney Looks to Capitalize on Obama's Smear Strategy

He promptly rolled out an ad hitting the president for uncivil discourse

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Mitt Romney knows an opportunity when he sees one. In response to Tuesday's Politico report boiling down Obama's reelection strategy as a smear campaign against Mitt by calling him a "weird" flip-flopper, the GOP candidate unveiled an ad hitting back at the assault. As Mediaite noted, Romney's low-budget ad entitled "Civility?" prominently highlights the "Kill Romney" phrase that was briefly mentioned in the Politico article and on a Time magazine blog, painting the president's campaign as desperate.

Amplifying the Politico report (which painted Mitt as the candidate that Obama campaign is worried about and would go to lengths to discredit) might be a decent strategy for an ad. The talking points from the article seem to fit in with Mitt's message: he's the GOP favorite, and the Obama team wants to talk about anything but the economy.

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