Rick Perry Now Prays for Obama on a Daily Basis

He wants God to save Obama from himself, and us from Obama

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At "The Response," Rick Perry's day of prayer that National Journal described as "more akin to a campaign rally than prayer service," amid the myriad of prayers offered through the day, the prospective GOP candidate also had a prayer for President Obama. In case this has skipped anyone's attention, President Obama has been having a very, very dismal week, and regardless of how useful he thinks Perry praying for him might be, at least its a change of pace from the round-the-clock thrashing he's been getting from everyone else.

So today Perry perhaps graciously prayed for President Obama and asked God to keep the president’s family safe. The Los Angeles Times reports that Perry said:

"Father, we pray for our president, that you would impart your wisdom upon him, that you would guard his family. You call us to repent, Lord, and this day is our response...Father, our heart breaks for America... "

"We see discord at home. We see fear in the marketplace. We see anger in the halls of government and, as a nation, we have forgotten who made us, who protects us, who blesses us, and for that, we cry out for your forgiveness," said Perry, praying with hands clasped.

As it turns out, this was not just a flashy move for today's big religious show. Perry admits he actually prays for Obama on a daily basis. In an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network, Perry said that he asks God to save Obama from himself (and to save America from Obama) every day. He said:

"Frankly I pray for the president every day. I pray for his wisdom, I pray that God will open his eyes. I wish this president would turn back the health care law that's been passed, ask that his EPA back down these regulations that are causing businesses to hesitate to spend money."

As the Daily Beast asks: "Wonder if President Obama will return the favor?"

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