Report: Pawlenty Crew Only Has Eyes for Chris Christie

A wee bit of evidence two more fantasy Republican candidates could still jump in

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Tim Pawlenty's campaign hasn't endorsed a former rival in the presidential race he quit this week because they're waiting on one more guy to get in the ring: Chris Christie. The Daily Caller's Amanda Carey reports that Pawlenty's former staff and fundraisers have been talking all week with the New Jersey governor and urging him to run. The Pawlenty people have even "resisted an overture" from Rep. Paul Ryan this week, according to Carey's sources. Ryan is another conservative fantasy candidate who's reportedly reconsidering his decision not to run.

Carey adds that, "At one point, there was discussion of Christie flying to Texas at the beginning of the week; he ultimately nixed that plan."
Update: The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza says a Christie adviser says the story isn't true.
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