Picture of the Day: The Head-Shots Rick Scott Doesn't Want You to See

Updated Wed. Aug. 17

Rick Scott headshot.jpg
Rick Scott Headshot 2.jpg
Rick Scott Headshot 3.jpg

The St. Petersburg Times's Michael C. Bender hits us with a curious nugget of Florida news: Gov. Rick Scott (R), utterly despised by the left and suffering low approval ratings since he took office in January, doesn't like his old head-shots.

Scott's office emailed media outlets to ask that they swap out previous head-shots like those above, Bender reports, in favor of this one:

Rick Scott Headshot 4.gif

... Which looks more casual and less circumspect (see the first photo above).

Politicians exercise tight control over their public images, but it's rare that they actually request a certain head-shot for press use. Maybe Scott's team was worried about outlets over-using this one.

Images via Michael C. Bender/The St. Petersburg Times.