Pessimism Grows Over Recalling Governor Scott Walker

A Public Policy Polling survey finds more oppose a recall of the Wisconsin governor

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Today, as Wisconsin votes in the last of this summer's congressional recall elections, Public Policy Polling released the results of a new survey showing diminishing support for a recall of the anti-union governor Scott Walker. Now, by a razor-thin 50 to 47 percent margin, the state's voters are generally opposed to a recall. Those numbers are the exact opposite from the outfit's poll in May. Even though last week's failed effort to wrest control of the state senate from the GOP probably helped contribute to the pessimism, the outfit's blogger, Tom Jensen, highlighted another reason why voters seem more reluctant to recall Walker:

I think there's a certain segment of voters in Wisconsin- somewhere around 10% of the population- that is generally opposed to the concept of recalls regardless of how they feel about how things are going in the state. We've seen that in the State Senate recalls so far- the polls have universally moved in the closing days in favor of the incumbents, both Democratic and Republican.

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