Palin Posts Rousing Iowa Teaser, Again Feeding Speculation

Video is part presidential, part movie star

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Cruel media tease Sarah Palin has posted a movie trailer-style video promoting her return to Iowa in September. The 2-minute clip features images of happy heartland children bathed in warm golden hour light as Palin gives a rousing speech about all the stuff Americans really want right now. (Example: "I think we're seeing a great awakening of the American people--the individual Americans who want the exceptionalism put back into our country.") The trailer also shows reporters talking about just how popular Sarah Palin is. (Example: CNN's Wolf Blitzer marvels, "How nice of Sarah Palin to stand there and answer all your questions!")

Palin will be in Indianola, Iowa, on September 3 for a Tea Party rally called Restoring America, as The Washington Post's Aaron Blake notes. Palin is probably not running for president, but every time the press starts to move on, she just can't help but do something to capture their attention again. But even for a maybe-fake presidential campaign message, it's a curious one, David Frum notes. Actual candidate Mitt Romney has plenty of Youtube videos of his own, but their message, in Frum's paraphrasing, is "I know how to create jobs." Palin's message? "I'm a big star."
Palin's "Iowa Passion":
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