Obama Lets Perry's Remarks Slide, Isn't as Forgiving to Romney

The newest candidate doesn't know any better, but Romney doesn't get any slack

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President Barack Obama has decided to forgive Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry for his not-so-nice remarks about the current administration--like calling Obama too big of a wimp to act as commander in chief--just this one time, because Perry's new at this whole running for president thing, "This isn't like running for governor, running for senator, running for congress, but I'll cut him some slack, he's only been at it a few days now," Obama told CNN's Wolf Blitzer in an interview (below). But he's not about to let veteran-candidate Romney slide for his "corporations are people" remark. "If, on the other hand, you tell me that every corporate tax break that's out there is somehow good for ordinary Americans, that we have a tax code that's fair... then that I disagree with" So what Obama's trying to say is Perry's just a noobie, but Romney, you should know better by now.

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