Obama Embraces 'Obamacare,' Sort Of

Says he doesn't mind if the world knows he does care about people

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For more than two years, conservatives have derisively referred to President Obama's health care overhaul as "Obamacare," but on his bus tour of the Midwest Monday, the president kinda, sorta, a little bit embraced the term. Speaking in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, Obama offered this groaner: "I have no problem with folks saying 'Obamacares' ... I do care."

ABC News' Jake Tapper wonders if this means it's officially okay to use "Obamacare" now. It would certainly be a good thing for headline writers, as "Obamacare" has like a million less letters than "Obama's health care overhaul."
And Mediaite's Colby Hall wonders if the White House is trying to reclaim the word. He's not sure if it will work:
Astute readers will point that the term in question is "Obamacare," not "Obamacares," and while some will view this like a kid answering playground bullies by saying, "Yes, I am a homo…a homo sapien," the President seemed genuine in his dismissal of the term. After all, the notion that a president should care about his constituents shouldn't be considered such a bad thing, right? 
Video of Obama's speech:
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