Jon Huntsman Would Be Open to Running with Bachmann

Piers Morgan manages to elicit that answer from the moderate GOPer

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A presidential candidate who wants to be taken seriously probably shouldn't come across as willing to accept a VP nod on the ticket of another contender. Jon Huntsman made that mistake Monday night in an interview with CNN's crafty Piers Morgan. The candidate remarked that he'd "absolutely" serve as the veep for Michele Bachmann, and today's headlines pounced on the admission. However, to be fair to Huntsman, in the actual clip he merely gives a meandering confirmation to Morgan that ended with the word "absolutely." To which Morgan segues, "that's an unusual admission, I would say," before equating the sentiment with "potential defeat." At this point, the moderate Republican seems to catch on and claims the digression was a "hypothetical conversation."  By the end of the clip, it also looks like Huntsman was wishing he was back on ABC News's This Week.

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