House Democrats Named for the Debt Super Committee

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has selected Reps. James Clyburn, Xavier Becerra, and Chris Van Hollen to serve on the 12-member deficit reduction Super Committee . Her decision completes the roster of legislators serving on the panel, which must determine its spending cuts by Nov. 23. As The Hill notes, all of her picks "are either current or former members of Pelosi's leadership team who are seen as close to the former Speaker." Pelosi announced the picks saying “The Joint Select Committee has a golden opportunity to take its discussions to the higher ground of America's greatness and its values.  It must meet the aspirations of the American people for success and keep America number one." Becerra has been a vocal voice on reforming social security without a reducing benefits, The Hill notes, while "both Van Hollen and Clyburn were participants in the (failed) bipartisan debt-ceiling discussions led earlier in the year by Vice President Joseph Biden."  We've been keeping track of the biggest campaign contributors to each committee member. For a breakdown of that, see here:

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