California Congressman's Grandchildren Found in Mexico

Their mother will be prosecuted in Los Angeles on parental abduction charges

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Over three years after they first went missing, the three grandsons of California Congressman Gary Miller have been taken into protective custody in Mexicali, Mexico, according to the Los Angeles Times. Their mother, Jennifer Lopez DeJongh, was arrested for abducting the three boys--a 12-year-old and ten-year old twins--from their California home in 2007, at a time when she and Rep. Miller's son were divorced and arguing over custodial rights for the children.The L.A. Times says DeJongh will probably be prosecuted by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office when she returns to the U.S.

"My wife and I are extremely relieved that after more than three and a half years our grandchildren have been found unharmed and returned safely to the United States," the Republican congressman said in a statement.

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