Bomb Squad Called to Boehner's Office Over Suspicious Briefcases

After they were detonated, police determined they contained paper not explosives

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On Sunday morning, a bomb squad was called to John Boehner's West Chester, Ohio office after a policeman spotted three black briefcases sitting outside the door. On the briefcases were hand-written colored paper signs saying "jobs," "oil," and "gas." According to WCPO-TV, police blocked off nearby parking lots and "then spent two hours two hours disrupting the packages one-by-one with a robot to ensure the area was safe." Eventually, as the Associated Press wrote, the "bomb squad blew the cases apart" and found that they contained only papers. We haven't seen any reports about what the papers in the briefcases said (if anything), although that may be because they were blown to smithereens by the bomb squad. The Cincinnati Enquirer says that there had been recent protests at Boehner's office.

You can watch the robot detonating a briefcase right here (1:06 in video):
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