The Best of the Bachmann Book Names Hashtag

Twitter users attempt to guess the name of Bachmann's new memoir

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The rumors surrounding Michelle Bachmann's memoirs were confirmed Monday afternoon when Penguin's conservative imprint Sentinel announced that the book will be released this November. They did not confirm whether Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund helped write the book, as was reported in June. The publisher did not announce a name for the book. So, in response to the news, Balloon Juice's John Cole went to his Twitter account and started a trend shortly after the news broke: tweeting hilarious possible names for the upcoming book. His first offering was, "Last Summer, At Jesus Camp." The #bachmannbooknames tag was born. Politico's Dave Weigel picked it up, and from their it took off. We read (almost) every one, and we've rounded up the best offerings we could find. A note: none of them are very nice.

"Triumph of the Shrill" - John Cole

"Heather Has a Mom and a Dad and Dad's Special Friend is Just a Friend." - @amaeryills

"Are You There God? Forget Margaret, It's Me, Michele." - The Citize NY

"No, I'm Not Sarah Palin: The Michele Bachmann Story" - James Sparks

"Prejudice and Prejudice" - Adam Bonin

"Running with Scissors" - @brooklynbreeder

"The Wind Between my Ears" - Chad Nance

"I Can Do Anything Palin Can Do, Only Backwards And In Heels" - @Shoq

"Michelle and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Campaign" - @JMBlair

"Going Roguer" - @bernielatham

"Hubble Bubble Tea and Trouble" - John Edginton

"Vanity Fair And Balanced" - Jacki Wunderlin

"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Chastity Belts" - Ali Davis

"Eyes Wide Shut Up" - John Cole, again

(A note: while sourcing this list, we discovered the Talking Points Memo asked their readers for possible titles over their Twitter account, which seems to have spawned a similar Bachmann memoir title hashtag. The two eventually found each other, and most people are now using both in every tweet.)

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