Ahead of His Announcement, Rick Perry Makes It Clear He's Running

Texas Governor wants to participate in the three September debates

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Rick Perry announced Monday he would "make clear" his intentions to enter the Republican presidential nomination race at a conference on Saturday. Two GOP sources told CNN that Perry's announcement would "erase any doubt" about whether or not he was going to run. The New York Times is reporting he is already "recruiting campaign workers in critical states, securing fund-raising commitments and preparing to be fully engaged in the race by early next month," according to two aides who spoke to the paper. He'll travel to New Hampshire and South Carolina immediately after his announcement. His aides said he wants to be in the race on time for three September debates between Republican candidates. Advisors close to Perry told The Times he was "moved beyond the trial-balloon stage of gauging support to executing a strategy."

Another presidential candidate has said Saturday's Ames Straw Poll results will determine if he continues in the race. Tim Pawlenty sat down for breakfast with reporters Monday and said he wouldn't be "the cable TV, shooting star of the month," a remark that seems timely given the recent Michelle Bachmann Newsweek cover. "At least for president, at least for the Oval Office, I think the country is still going to put somebody in there who is experienced, seasoned, strong, thoughtful, with a record of results," Pawlenty told reporters.

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