House Passes Boehner's Debt Bill

The GOP-controlled House passes the bill with 218 votes

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Update: The House has enough votes to pass the bill with 218 "yea" votes and the bill passes. 22 Republicans voted against the bill. It now moves to the Senate. CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller reports that Senate "Dems stand ready to kill it. Obama would veto too."

Update: Vote tally: 212-203. Three more votes need with 5:30 left.

Update: The final voting has begun. Thus far 12 Republicans are voting "nay" with 201 voting "yea." No Democrats supporting the bill thus far—185 voting "nay."

Tonight, John Boehner is trying again.The House speaker reportedly swayed the remaining GOP holdouts with a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, which Democrats have promised is dead-on-arrival. Like last night, the bill is expected to pass in the House (but we all know how that didn't happen last time). Moments ago, Speaker Boehner emphasized that his new bill is a genuine compromise and chastised Democrats for not outlining a clear plan. "People can be critical of what we've done, but where are the other ideas?" he said. "Tell us how we can end this crisis." The House is currently voting on a motion to recommit, which will be quickly followed by a final vote:

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