Very Closely Watching the First Family Watch TV

We couldn't help but notice a few things while they watched the Women's World Cup

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The Obama family had an all-American Sunday this week. After the four walked across Pennsylvania Avenue to St. John's Church for morning services, they returned to the Treaty Room in the residence wing of the White House in time to watch the U.S.A. women compete against Japan in the nail-biting final match of the Women's World Cup. A photo of the afternoon leisure activity uploaded to official White House Flickr account tells us that the first family took off their shoes, enjoyed some snacks and stared blankly at a screen for hours--just like the rest of America does all the time! It's a great photo and a little bit of zooming tells us a few things about the Obamas. (View the full size photo here.) We couldn't help but make a list about it.

1. Paper cups
- For some reason, the first thing we noticed about the Obama's TV-watching habits is their choice of stemware. Or rather, paper cups. We're not really sure why they're using paper cups in the White House, but we're pretty sure environmentalists won't be happy about it.

2. Typical teenage cell phone
- Malia turned 13 on July 4, and like many teenagers, she has a cell phone (with a charm attached) that she probably uses to text a lot, sometimes, maybe, with boys. Good Morning America recently asked the president what he thought of his daughters growing up and how he would treat their future dates. "I might invite him over to the Oval Office, ask him for his GPA, find out what his intentions are, in terms of career," said Obama. "Malia, Sasha, if you're watching this, I'm just joking." ("That's not a cell phone," argues Think Progress national security editor Ben Armbruster on Twitter. "It's a flip cam.")

3. Pigskin prepared
- Hiding under President Obama's just-removed tie is a football. This might be there for the president to toss in the air during dull moments of the soccer game, or it might serve as a reminder that we play real football in America. Plus one Average Joe point.

4. Iced tea and an iPad
- Apple should find a way to get this on a billboard. The president likes to curl up with his iPad! (He's even got a hip Moleskin-style case for it!) And apparently drink iced tea.

5. Healthy snacks
- Likely at the behest of the health-conscious First Lady, the Obama's snacks look both delicious and nutritious. From what we can see, chips with salsa and guacamole are on the menu. Plus one Average Joe point for the choice of everyday American munchies. Minus one for the fancy silver tray.

6. Desktop computer
- Many wondered if Obama would be the first president to bring a laptop into the Oval Office. He wasn't but it looks like he's got a desktop in the Treaty Room.

7. Dasani bottled water
- The side table placement suggests that's the president's bottle of Dasani. Also, environmental outrage number two!

8. Stein of beer
- The side table placement here suggests that's Michelle's beer. We're now noticing that the Obamas are using paper napkin coasters. Again, not the greenest option, but at least they're taking care of the White House furniture.

9. MacBook Pro
 - Does having two Apple products within arm's reach make the president a fan boy?

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