Today Is Opposite Day at the TSA

The passengers are doing the groping and Christians, not Muslims, are getting singled out

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Here's a new turn in Transportation Security Administration outrage. In a pair of role-reversal stories out today, passengers are the ones doing the groping in Phoenix and, in Newark, Christians are more persecuted than Muslims.

We'll kick things off at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport where a 61-year-old Colorado woman was arrested for squeezing the breasts of a TSA security screener. The Associated Press reports today that Yukari Mihamae "refused to be go through passenger screening and became argumentative before she squeezed and twisted the agent's breast with both hands." The unlikely role-reversal occurred on Thursday. Mihamae was charged with sexual assault and spent the night in jail. According to the local Fox affiliate KSAZ she's become a kind of folk hero.

"There's been an outpouring of support for Mihamae, perhaps because the TSA is an agency that people love to hate, especially after receiving lots of criticism lately about their 'invasive' screening procedures," the station reports. "My first thought was good for you to try and get back at them just a little bit," Phoenix resident Marcus Brown tells the station.

In Newark, The Daily Caller has a bit of a celebrity testimonial from right-wing pundit Laura Ingraham titled "Ingraham: Airport workers stole my baptismal cross!"  We've all heard about Muslims getting singled out by airport screeners but now Christians have a victim story of their own.

In her luggage was a small purple jewelry bag containing the cross she received at her Catholic baptism about nine years ago. “It’s from the Vatican,” Ingraham told TheDC. “It was blessed by the Pope.”

On her radio program Monday morning, Ingraham said she first discovered her jewelry was stolen when she got to her Denver hotel room. She opened her suitcase and then noticed: “Someone’s been in this bag.”

“It looks like it’s been rifled through,” Ingraham said. “All the junk is all balled up in wrinkled knots — the stuff has clearly been rifled through. And, I said, ‘Gosh, TSA, you think they’d be a little more careful

Ingraham reported the theft of her cross but tells the Daily Caller she's been getting the "total runaround." "The bigger thing is, we have criminals working in our airports," she said. "We’re doing these backscatter x-ray machines, we’re spending billions on airport security, and yet our basic screening of employees seems to be completely lacking.” Just another day in American air travel!

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