Scott Brown Says He'll Support Harry Reid's Debt Plan

Massachusetts Republican tells Boston area radio station he'd vote for Reid's bill

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Sen. Scott Brown is reportedly ready to back the debt ceiling plan proposed by Harry Reid. What's more, the Massachusetts Republican apparently made the decision before the president needled him on Twitter about it earlier this afternoon.

Boston-area radio station WBUR tweeted the news that Brown would "vote for the Reid plan" to raise the nation's debt limit. That story wasn't accompanied by a link, but the Washington Post's Greg Sargent talked to WBUR reporter Monica Brady-Myerov who confirmed Brown said he would "support Reid’s or Boehner’s plan, because they save us from default and have spending cuts."

It's worth noting Brown isn't backing Reid's plan instead of the one offered by Speaker John Boehner. Brown spokesman Colin Reed tells Sargent in an email that his boss would vote for any legislation that "contains spending cuts and allows us to avoid default. [A] Republican bill, or a Democrat bill — it doesn't matter."

Since Reid's bill does both of those things, we're counting Brown as a 'yea' vote.

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